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Beulah Vega
Beulah Vega

As most of you know, one of the defining members of our Pegasus Family passed away on October 31st. I would like to take a moment to write about her and her legacy.

The first time that I actually sat down and had a conversation with Nancy Hansen there were three of us; an Atheist, a Baptist, and an Apache; yes, it sounds like the set up to a horrible and insensitive joke, but, in fact, it was quite the opposite. We were on the steps of Burbank Auditorium at Santa Rosa JC and we had just gotten out of our "acting styles" class. Somehow, whatever we had been doing in class that day led to a conversation about politics, culture and religion. Now as everybody these days can tell you, those three topics usually lead to a lot of yelling, but not this time. The three of us came from very different belief structures and we disagreed on almost everything, but there was no yelling or anger or name calling and when we walked away from that conversation all of us had a newfound respect for the other two even in the matters where we disagreed.

Nancy was good at respectfully communicating. She never compromised her beliefs, but she did not belittle us for not sharing them and she listened when we spoke of our beliefs. So what does that have to do with an Artistic Director message on a theater page? Nancy was one of my role models and indeed I was nervous taking over the job of Artistic Director from her as she had been so instrumental in defining Pegasus. But I always remember that conversation, I remember the respect and the willingness to listen to differences and the way that respect let us come away as a new micro community of friends. That was a very valuable lesson for me as a person and as an artist.

The West County community has a rich and varied assortment of stories to share. We have had vastly different life experiences. We often have different beliefs even when we generally agree. We as a community were lucky to have Nancy to show us, by her example, to work with our differences, to create worthwhile productions through respectful collaboration.

We move forward into a season that is about the West County. These are stories being told by people of Sonoma County which cover a broad range of life experiences. This is a season about listening to our neighbors without judgement. This is a season about questioning what we think of when we hear certain catchphrases. And moving forward this season will lead us into a new era of what our community theater is, and what it can be doing for our community. And as we move forward we honor Nancy’s willingness to listen without judgement, and speak honestly and without fear, by redefining what it is be a community theater, speaking for the community and not preaching at it.

— Beulah Vega, Artistic Director

Our Mission

Pegasus is a non-profit West Sonoma County theater company founded in 1998 with the mission of producing thought-provoking theater that reflects, entertains and enriches the diverse community it serves. Pegasus performs in venues in and out of the lower Russian River area.

Our company strives to offer many ways people can expand their lives through the magic of theater. Pegasus has always offered workshops and classes to encourage local residents to gain theatrical skills and to participate in the company as well as attend and support our shows.

Board of Directors

Pegasus Theater Company has a working Board of Directors, with members taking on various responsibilities for the production of Pegasus shows.

The current Board members are:

  • George Schult — President, Set Designer
  • Scott Kersnar — Treasurer
  • Anna Narbutovskih — Secretary
  • Patti Averbuck — Volunteer Coordinator
  • Brendan Flynn

Company Bylaws

Pegasus Theater Company bylaws are posted here: Bylaws of Pegasus Theater.pdf

Pegasus History

To walk through the history of Pegasus Theater and past productions please visit our Pegasus History on the Seasons page.