The Telltale Harp

Image of a harp

On Sunday afternoon, January 29, Pegasus Theater company will offer a staged reading of THE TELLTALE HARP, by L. A. Kornell and Laura Simpson, at the Graton Community Club. The reading will include an actual harpist playing an actual harp. Yes, harpists do have to compete with one another for jobs playing at weddings. When there is a harp-off for a cash prize on a TV show, the competition heats up--especially when the harpists have touchy personal history with one another.

Tickets for the show are $15, $10 for ASH members.

Venue: Graton Community Club
Map: Graton Community Club

Bury the Dog

To launch its regular 2017 season, Pegasus Theater will present Scott Kersnar’s BURY THE DOG, opening March 3 at the Graton Community Club. Set in Western Sonoma County, the play recounts the chaotic aftermath of a dog shooting. At the heart of this play is a love triangle that explores the conflict between compassion and exclusive romantic love.

Mike arrives at his old girlfriend Trina’s house in answer to a frantic late-night call from her new husband Ken, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who tells Mike he had no one else to call. Ken tells him that he shot a neighbor’s menacing dog and now fears that this biker neighbor will take vengeance. He asks Mike to stand watch with him to protect Trina’s turf. The problem is, Trina (who is fetching her alcoholic mother home to live with her and Ken) is an animal lover. Trina's gregarious and compassionate personality collides with the exclusive rapture Ken envisioned for their marriage.