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Pegasus Theater Company presents Beyond Therapy, a hilarious comedy written by Christopher Durang and directed by Beulah Vega, opening on February 27 and running through March 15.

Please note that all 9 performances will be at the Graton Community Club, 8996 Graton Road in downtown Graton.

Beyond Therapy
Crystal Carpenter as Prudence, Jared Wright as Bruce
Photograph by Alan Christenson

It's the early 1980s before the advent of online dating services such as eHarmony or, and Bruce and Prudence are seeking a long-term relationship by placing personal ads in newspapers. Their first date in a restaurant doesn't go well; in fact, they each end up flinging a glass of water in the other's face.

So it's off to their therapists to see what went wrong. And it's at this point the audience will realize that while Bruce and Prudence clearly have some issues they need to address (Bruce way too direct and unfiltered; Prudence much too self-conscious), their therapists are just plumb crazy. Prudence's therapist Stuart is lewd and lascivious and wants to bed her (again!); and Bruce's therapist Charlotte seems to have aphasia and uses a Snoopy doll as a communications aide.

Will Prudence and Bruce find happiness and marry and move to Connecticut to raise a family? Will Bruce's lover Bob (did we mention Bruce is bisexual?) move with them into an apartment over their garage? Will their therapists lose their licenses or just lose the rest, if they have any left, of their inhibitions?

Come see why Time magazine said: "Screwball and scatty, with as much owed to the Marx Brothers as to the Viennese brethren, Beyond Therapy offers the best therapy of all: guaranteed laughter."

The cast members are Crystal Carpenter, Mike Cernokus, Rusty Thompson, Matthew T. Witthaus, Jared Wright and Noel Yates.

Friday and Saturday evening performances begin at 8 p.m., and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. Opening weekend February 27 through March 1 is pay-what-you-can; thereafter, general admission is $15. Wine sales are available at the Saturday evening performances.

You can make reservations online here or by calling (707) 583-2343. Reservations can be confirmed only if they are made at least three hours before the performance.

Graton Community Club information and location links are:
Venue: Graton Community Club
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This play contains adult content.

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