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Pegasus Theater Company is presenting A Walk in the Woods, written by Lee Blessing, directed by Darlene Kersnar and featuring Vincent Black and Tim Earls. All 9 performances, beginning April 3 and running through April 19, will be held at the Blue Door Gallery, 16259 Main Street, in downtown Guerneville.

A Walk in the Woods
Vincent Black as Botvinnik, Tim Earls as Honeyman
Photograph by Harvey Mendelson

This witty and intelligent drama explores what continues to be the most important issue of our time: the proliferation of nuclear arms.

It's the early 1980s, Reagan is president, and the U.S. and Soviet Union are engaged in lengthy and unproductive nuclear arms reduction negotiations. A new lead negotiator for the U.S. is introduced into the process and his Soviet counterpart invites him to take a walk in the woods, away from the formality of the negotiating table and the ever-present reporters. The urbane, humorous and cynical Soviet proposes that they become friends; the earnest and idealistic American resists. Nonetheless, as the seasons pass their walks continue, and what happens as we eavesdrop on their secret conversations in the woods is a devastating lesson in Realpolitik as practiced by the world's two superpowers.

Friday and Saturday evening performances begin at 8 p.m., and Sunday matinees at 6 p.m. Opening weekend, April 3, 4 and 5, is pay-what-you-can; thereafter, general admission is $15. Wine sales are available at the Saturday evening performances.

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